Welcome to Feedezo Consulting, where innovation meets expertise to transform the HR landscape. Our mission is rooted in a commitment to empower organizations with strategic HR solutions.

Founded in 2020 in vibrant Dubai, Feedezo Consulting is the brainchild of three industry veterans. With a combined experience of over 5 years, our founders set out to create a consultancy that not only understands the complexities of human resources but also sees every challenge as an opportunity.

Embark on a journey of transformation with Feedezo Consulting, a forward-thinking team of HR experts equipped with deep industry knowledge. Our mission is to reshape human resources for unmatched success.

Why choose us

HR Strategy and Planning

Develop comprehensive HR strategies that align with business objectives, including workforce planning, talent forecasting, and HR goal setting, to ensure the right resources are in place for future growth.

Compensation and Benefits

Create competitive compensation structures and benefits packages, ensuring compliance with labor laws. Provide salary benchmarking and analyze market trends to maintain an attractive and equitable rewards system.

HR Policy and Compliance

Effortlessly maneuver through HR regulations complexity. We craft and update policies, conduct compliance audits, and offer legal consultations to ensure your business maintains full regulatory compliance.

Employee Training and Development

Empower your team's growth and productivity. Our tailored training and development programs enhance employee skills, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

More than 3 Years
of Experience

Over 3 years’ expertise, ensuring seasoned insights and tailored solutions for your HR needs. Rely on our proven experience.


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Our mission

At Feedezo, our mission is straightforward: to serve as your strategic ally in navigating HR’s ever-evolving landscape. We’re dedicated to crafting innovative, transformative solutions that surpass conventional approaches, tailoring strategies to suit each client’s unique needs. Our commitment goes beyond mere consultation; we aim to drive your organization toward HR excellence, fostering growth and resilience in a dynamic business environment. With Feedezo at your side, consider your HR strategy not only managed, but optimized for sustained success.